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Chrome roll bars and Wind Deflector

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First mods! Chrome roll hoops/bars and Wind Deflector

OK so my first mods! Ive never actually seen a decent picture of the cc with chrome roll bars at the back. Ive ordered myself a set, im hoping they look good!m Awaiting for arrival in the post.....

Of course the wind deflector is more of a use than a pretty mod. A must have I rekon, especially when it isnt all that warm outside.
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It is only some ccs that were fitted with the option, mine has them fitted as I figured there wasn't much room above your head in the back if you flip. The hoops you got will be full hoops and replace standard ones. The hoops are connected deep down the back of the rear seats on runner things. If you have the pop up ones the hydraulics will be down there too, if not it should be a straight swap. It's rare for ccs to have the active hoops so you mite not have them. They will look great tho, Im not getting them just because of the active hoops.

Get some photos on when it's done:)
Yeah it should be fine, I have heard it's quite easy to do.
That's for that update, Im not very brave when it comes to unscrewing things lol. Bet it looks nice with no hoops at all (not that it would be very safe) looking forward to seeing the results
oh yeah it looks better with actually, makes the back look really long like a Focus CC.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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