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Chrome roll bars and Wind Deflector

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First mods! Chrome roll hoops/bars and Wind Deflector

OK so my first mods! Ive never actually seen a decent picture of the cc with chrome roll bars at the back. Ive ordered myself a set, im hoping they look good!m Awaiting for arrival in the post.....

Of course the wind deflector is more of a use than a pretty mod. A must have I rekon, especially when it isnt all that warm outside.
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there fitted to all ccs mate as far as i hear, i was just chatting to the missus about this not so long ago, as there isnt a lot of room between the hoops and the rear window so they cant go up by a lot im sure i read some where in the owners book they can pop up some times if you go round a bend or corner to fast and the wheels lift and if they pop up the roof wont work till you re set them back down so i cant see them working when the roofs up just when its down was it the 1s on the bay you got bud?
lol that was my worry bud thats what i was saying to the missus hope they never just pop for no reason or there going throu the window i was going to fit the chrome hoops but i thout what if i have to hit the anchors mega hard 1 day i dont fancy some 1s head bouncing back agianst a metal hoop
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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