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Chrome roll bars and Wind Deflector

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First mods! Chrome roll hoops/bars and Wind Deflector

OK so my first mods! Ive never actually seen a decent picture of the cc with chrome roll bars at the back. Ive ordered myself a set, im hoping they look good!m Awaiting for arrival in the post.....

Of course the wind deflector is more of a use than a pretty mod. A must have I rekon, especially when it isnt all that warm outside.
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p.s any of you heard of the roll hoops deploying in the case of an accident and rolling? Ive been told that some have this? By Deploy do they mean airbag explode or raise upto same height as roof line. Im wondering if this will effect my buying aftermarket ones.
It's rare for ccs to have the active hoops so you mite not have them. They will look great tho, Im not getting them just because of the active hoops.
Get some photos on when it's done:)
Im hopeing your right Stiggy!

Ive had a look down the back just quickly yesterday, I can see there are 2 bolts one above the other about 15 inches apart that go right through to the other side behind the seat, so im thinking they are fixed (hoping so). The replacement hoops fittment ends that go down into the original holes seem to have 2 holes which looks like they will line up with the original bolt holes, so hoepfully it will be a straight swap with no hastles! I havnt recieved them yet so im going by pictures.

If all goes well, then I will be sure to get photos up as soon as ive fitted them
Yeah it should be fine, I have heard it's quite easy to do.
Nice one, watch this space then! havnt recieved them yet though.... come on posty!

Even though ive not recieved them yet, I thought I would put myself out of my misery and see if I could take the hoops out and to also see if they were self deploying.

Good news... They arnt! (you were right stiggy!)

In case any of you want to know how to take them out.....

I took back covering in the boot and could see 4 bolts which looked like they went right through, which gave me the idea that they were fixed

The Bolts were fastened behind the rear seat, so I have to take the back seat off first, with mean removing the plastic edge so I could get the the screw thatfastened the rear seat in.

It has been taken out in this pic, but you get the idea as to where it was

I simply undid the 4 bolts which you can see were located where the 4 paint marks are, then they just lifted out. Job done

I will update when I finaly get the hoops and fit them in
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Bet it looks nice with no hoops at all
It will look nicer with the hoops I rekon :)

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