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meggerman said:
andy your car is ace i guess all that extra weight makes it slower than a 182 though but you still have a lux automobile, get it mapped

like the astras wheels + rear lights, you have got taste and yea you missed a bit lol :lol:
re map is on its way mate aswell as me monster intercooler :D :D

the astras wheels are from my old red megane in the other forum and the lights i got from ebay £77 which bloody cheap, £180 new + paint,

like the astras thats why i bought it for her + there is shed loads of bits for the and there not to dear if you shop in the right places

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Mate the 225 looks sweet as mate, those tail pipes are proper bo I tell thee!

The Astra is really nicely styled too mate, those lights are mint as are the wheels :D :D
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