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Cleaned today. Includes pics of the Blueflame exhaust.

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Nice day in Aberdeen today so I cleaned the Meg.

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zorst looks alot bigger on the car than in the pic, am quite amazed at the difference :shock: :shock:

looks sweet and good boy with the PP
Bloody hell that exhaust is nice!
getta get me one of them!
Car looks good mate, cleaned mine today as well as the weather is half decent down here as well.
Sure looks good Craig!

Like it mate! :wink:
Looks really nice that mate love that zorst , followed jas a few weeks back and that looked really well and a lovely sound too ... Was going to clean mine today but ended up taking the dog out for 3 hours instead ...
Are you happy with the exhaust now its fitted Craig?
Have you noticed any improved performance like i did with mine ?
Take it you love the exhaust note 8)


Jas, is there anyone near northants with one fitted. Want to hear what it sounds like before i purchase one.
No idea mate but i have a sound file of my zorst which i can email u. perhaps you could put it up on the site.
pm me if you want


does look good, also cleaned mine up today, also got a couple of pics with the sun on it for the first time :D
that zorst is super nice mate, get soem sound clips up if you can.

what size are the exits ? and what is it i.e sportscat, downpipe increase ?

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Not sure on size of the exits, but it's as big as could be fitted in the spaces in the bumper.
It is a cat-back system which is 3".

I have noticed increased pull in fifth and sixth gears. Pulls far quicker from low revs.

It's well worth getting if you're thinking about it.
Sounds good (louder but not too loud), looks far better than original and gives the car quicker reponsiveness at low revs.

:D :D :D
I also meant to say that I love the inferno colour more and more each day.

When you clean it it looks the business.
Also when it's a little dirty looks a little like the Capsicum red.
In different lights it looks different colours as well.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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