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With Great Regret and utter shame i am breaking my Clio 172 Ph1 Hybrid. or buy the car for £5500

I am breaking the full car BUT i wont be taking any money for parts untill i have a buyer for the Engine, The asking prices include pay pal fees i don't want ANY payment send as a gift. Postage for larger items you will have to arrange your own courier.

Megane 225 Engine, Ready to pop into your Clio Engine Bay and bolt upto your Clio Gear box, Fully rebuilt less than 2000 miles ago, The Engien had new Rings, Bearings Head Gaskey and all seats and belt replaced with OEM parts. The Engine will come complete with uprated Cams or can coem with OEM 225 Cams. This engine uses the F4r730 Block.will come complete with Inlet manifold and a cable throttle body and also Exhaust Manifold £500 made 300Bhp 340lbs at Rs tuning last weekend

Megane 225 Stage 3 Turbo from RS Tuning, covered around 3000 Miles and is in perfect working order and i have been running 1.3Bar of Boost good for over 340Bhp with supporting Mods. £450

Siemends 690cc Picco Injectors 4 Months Old direct figment for either Megane 225 or Clio Sport £175

Fuel Lab Fuel Pressure Regulator with all fittings £100

Bosh External 044 Pump this is the mother of pumps £100

Red Top Lift Pump for Swirl pot filling £40

1Litre Swirl Pot and fittings £25

Swirl pot and pump Cover Box - Tig Welded £25

Megane 225 2.5" Decat Pipe Miltek £100

KTech Exhaust System 2.5" with a 3" rolled Tip car Back £150

Megane 225 2.5" Front Pipe £40

Intercooler and Pipe Work £100

KTech Uprated Engine Mounts Inc Dog Bone £150

Clio 182 Trophy Gearbox, I am selling this cheap only as i would hate some one to get it and it break, its been spotless for me £100 for this reason

Adaptronic ECU with Clio loom to for the above megane 225 Engine, With Launch Control, Boost Control and the Map for all specs of 225 £400 complete with all sensors and Coil Pack

Custom, Servo relocation unit, to move the servo to the passenger side to keep the servo away from the downpipe this is awesome and i spend a lot of time and money getting this right £125

Willing to sell the Running Gear as a Deal PM ME!!

Phase 1 Front Bumper in Trophy Red £75
Phase 1 Wings x 2 in Trophy Red £40 Each
Phase 1 Alloy Bonnet in Trophy Red £125
Phase 1 Sports Grill In Trophy Red £45
Phase 2 Rear Bumper with clio 182 Cut out and surround in Trophy Red and Strip £125
Clio Cup Rear Spoiler in trophy Red with a slight crank on the light £125
Drivers Door in Trophy Red £50
Phase 2 Rear Lights £40
Passenger Door in Trophy Red £50
Mirrors in Trophy Red £30 Each

OR YOU CAN BUY THE FULL SHELL FOR £600 With Sub Frame and Rear Beam , Doors Bumpers etcLog Book etc

OMP Designer 2 Seats with Sparco FIA Subframes that bolt straight into the clio and the seats tilt in Black and great condition £350
Phase 1 172 Door Cards front and Back £75
Phase 1 Door Handles internal in Trophy Red £25 ( the pullers )

Digi Dash, Controls all your oil pressures, Fuel, RPM, Oil Temps, Speed, Distance, 0-60Times, GORS if wanted and Gatso Camera Detection £250

AEM AFR Gauge a MUST for any turbo car, with Wide Band Sensor £125

OEM Tape plater and 6 Disc Unit £50 with code

OEM Cd Player dash £35 with code

OMP 310mm Steering Wheel and Boss £100

Wheels are Avanti SG40 15" Alloys in Black, These are SUPER light with Continental Contact Sport 2 Tyres ( AS NEW ) £300

H&R Coil Overs front and Back all adjusters working and in working order complete with Camber Bolts £350

Clio 172 Ph1 Hubs £25 Each
Clio Phase 1 Shafts £45 Each
Clio 172 Front Calipers £25 Each
Clio 172 Rear Calieprs £25 Each
Clio Wishbones and NEW Ball Joints £25 Each
Steering Rack with NEW Rods and Ends £75

Ds2500 Front Pads and Brembo HC Maxi Grooved Discs £75

Rear Beam £90

Sub Frame £50

Cup Rear Seats £20

All prices plus postage that can be discussed when you pay interest in my items
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