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the other day when I was hoovering the car I spied these two red cables hanging down! A couple of weeks ago I noticed that you had to apply the brake for the start button to work wheras normally just the clutch will do. also previously my cruise control packed in and I think this was the same cause!

This is the bit on the clutch pedal where the connector goes on

apologies for the blurred camfone pic but this is the connector that comes out of the plug, it comes apart and you can then push the metal connectors out with a small screwdriver

Another blurred pic lol this is the metal connector popping out of the plastic plug

The design of this cable is a bit poor as it moves up and down with every press of the clutch. What I did was prise open the crimped connections, then tin the cable and the connector with a dab of solder before soldering the wire back on and puching it back in the connectors. hopefully the soldered connections should hold better than the crimps did but if you have probs with your cruise controls or starting up this might be a good place to start looking
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