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Clutch problem ??

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I have a RS225 since January 12th and its a joy to drive.

I started to feel a strange behavior from the clutch pedal. Sometimes it seems to stick when I remove the foot. Going down there is no problem. But when I lift the pedal, almost at the end there is a noise and it feels sticky before it gets to the final position.

The odd thing is that it doesn´t happen all the time.

Any ideas?
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Doesnt sound good mate, my clutch went at 14000 miles and the stealer had it for 6 weeks so I hope for your sake it isnt
Doesn't look good at all...

... mine has only 1400 miles !!!!!!!
bloody hell, at least they will just have to fix it no questions!
Have a look under the dash to see if the wire for the keyless start is not holding it back and is ready to snap . This is a known problem on the Megane .
I also have a new 225 (2 months old) with a very similar problem :evil:
Definitely not carpets & I had a quick check & could not see the wire getting caught. Called into one dealer (too busy to look) & booked into a local one later the same day. Some talk over the phone of master cylinder (sounds ominous). Apparently this fault has been on other meganes but "rare to see it on a 225"
Car driving nearly ok but as clutch is not lifting fully I am not able to get full power (unless I stick a foot under clutch & lift)
Also as clutch is pressed I can't engage cruise control
- in with garage today, will let you know the conclusion when I get it back. :roll:
sounds silly but i have this problem everytime i get my car washed they never put the mats back properly and therefore the clutch gets caught on the mat.
yup but they take them out to hoover them at the car wash. They have no clue on how these mats go back as they always seem to let the mats go back on with the mat overlapping the pedal a bit.
Toomeys Basildon told me it was the clutch return spring that had popped out of place, they sorted it and gave my car a clean. Also mentioned that it was probably a fault from day one that only became noticable now. Good old French car build quality :(

Back on the road & driving the way it should be, accelerating faster than anyone else... ...but just until I reach the legal speed limit :wink:
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