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Have noticed a few times that when i start the engine (from cold) that when i get to about 2000rpm, on acceleration, there is sort of a hiccup in the acceleration. The best way to descibe it i that the acceleration isn't as smooth as if the engine has warmed up. Problem disappears completely once the temp gauge has started to move. It as though the car doesn't want to go above 2000rpm.

2 Questions -

Is this something to do with the ECU saving the turbo while the engine is cold? (I do know that the ECU limits the rpm on a cold engine to protect the turbo, i know because i've been caught out by a low rev limiter more than once. Just didn't expect to see evidence at such low rpm)


Does it happen to everyone?


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andy bassett said:
be all the same if some one got me out of bet at -3 and said come on i want to do 60mph in 30 secs time, i think i would have a couple hiccups or two. :D
Good point, i'm not really bothered about it. Just know not to get myself into any drag races within 5 minutes of starting the car.
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