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Colours of members car

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Im going to do a poll, like on the last forum to see how many members have got what coloured cars.

If ive missed out a colour, let me know and ill add it :oops:
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It wins.. so its common? ;)

I went out for lunch today and stopped into a little shop in a village.. some guy came over to me and said "is that your clio.? " i answered yes and he said "Is it the 172 or the 182" which surprised me cause most people dont have a clue about either! hehe

So i told him it was the 182.. my pride and joy.. yarda yarda.. he was very complimenty
Bubbles said:
he was very complimenty
I bloody bet he was! Wasn't wearing that little number was you bubbles? :p
Capscium Red. Good when clean!!!! :p
I know its not the favourite colour on the forum.But where is Ultra Blue?
Have to ask,I have ordered one :D
black here not the best colour
Trophy Silver mate :shock:
What about 3dr or 5dr too?
See that does go well with the blue cloth :D

No way can they let an inferno or black go out with that :?
There is the Rubber-Splitter missing on the Albi Blue?!?
The dealer fits the spoiler, its shipped in the boot.
it ships in the boot because as they come off the ship/trailer the angle is steep enough that it may take the spoiler of fhte front.
41 - 60 of 96 Posts
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