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Converting megane

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Spotted this on MOC, anyone know if it can be done?
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some one on here knows somebody who has converted the astra gsi turbo to lpg.

so i would say it can be done. just not sure wat power you would loose
Yep it should be do-able, as andy says an astra turbo has been done with no problems
your looking at £1000 easy
but your halving your fuel bills!
as for power expect to lose about 3%
and theres the added bonus of a clean engine as it doesnt coke up and reduces wear
You can get one to fit in the tyre well and cylindrical and would hold about 30 litres
i had a zafira on lpg and it was 125bhp on petrol and 123bhp on lpg and no noticeable difference
would you get it done on the 225? Did you save much on the zafira
Well i went from £15 max a week to nearly £50 a week in fuel! :shock:

well worth it,but of course there's the warranty issue so probably not worth doing until 3yr old unless renault would allow it to be done

You can always opt for a Megane RS dci when it arrives :wink: . A good balance between performance and economy. :D
did you let the chap lookign at doing it know ? When is that being released ado?
Davelee225 said:
did you let the chap lookign at doing it know ? When is that being released ado?
I still have no idea yet. I am hoping later this year when I order as I want one of the first. I will update when I can get more info out of the dealers and Renault. Currently pressing for info from 2 UK dealers and one french.

Do you have any info on this Alex? Any inside info or rumors?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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