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Cup chassis for a 225

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quick question people

how can i tell that my 225 has a CUP CHASSIS? it is probably something i should know but i dont :confused:
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I think.....(don't quote me) it should have grey wing mirrors and should be able to turn tc off over 30mph. But sure the search to double check bud.
Grey mirror is only on later Ph2s.

Can you turn the TC off above 30 mph is the acid test pretty much.
I work right by Renault Watford so i will just pop there on my lunch break they will be able to tell me everything
It might tell you in the door shut. Mine says LUX
Mines a cup on a 56 plate and mine has the grey wing mirrors and also says cup on the door
like already said just turn your traction control off and drive faster than 30 mph if your tc stays off you have a cup :)
Cup alloys, cup suspension (firmer spings and damper), traction perminatly off not jst upto 30 mph, later cups have red brembos i belive, ful cup cars have a cup badge but ff with added cup pack wont, the mirrors are just on the cup i belive but not a 225 with a added cup pack. Also think the pwtrophy did, mines a 225 wiv a lux pack and the cup chassis so again al Sligtly different, a ful cup car would be lacking a few bits inside that a normal 225 or a lux car would have, add sum pics then we can tel what it is
Anyone got a pic of cup alloys please? close up pic.
..+ drilled disks front and rear usually the anthracite wheels like in ericooper's profile pic and the rest as they all said pretty much
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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