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Hey guys, Its Rob here over in northern ireland. So... I took delivery of my new f1 team megane yesterday. rumours flew they where only making 500, not so, as mine is number 534!!! Ok, so i had a standard 225 in black previous so a loved it subtle looks etc. First impression is MENTAL !!! I mean its certainly not going to be everyones cup of tea, the colour is crazy. Its a real headturner and i know for a fact that they arnt bringing any more over here so i must admit it feels good to drive a one off. The black gloss alloys are smart over the drilled discs and it handles unbelievably. The most impressive part of the car is the beautiful interior. The blue on black recaro seats are just so comfortable and really hug the body. The dial colours have changed to a clear light and this does suit if a little bright at night. All the fonts have changed on the radio etc giving it a fresh look. The decals on the front and rear are not as big as what i thought and they can be removed if they begin to piss me off. Guys, whats the deal with this french show? I know nothing of it!!!! happy motoring fellas
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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