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Dension ICE Link Plus for sale

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Hi All,

I have for sale a Dension Ice Link plus iPod in car adaptor which also comes with a Brodit side mounting clip. I originally bought this unit for my RS Megane but I have now been informed that it is not compatible with my Cabasse head unit.

This unit is brand new and unfitted, still in all original packaging etc. I believe these retail for the £130-160 region. I am looking for £100 for this (which will include p&p) as it also includes the Brodit clip. Further details on this piece of kit can be found at:

Thanks for looking and feel free to get in touch if you need any more info.

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Bummer Hugh :cry: :cry:

I went and done the same thing in that I paid for the upgrade to Cabasse headunit with the intention of fitting the ICE Link only to find it's not compatable

I bet this has caught a lot of people out

Do you know whether the ICE Link FM is any good :?

Seems a shame though to pay for the upgrade and then to possibly loss sound quality through the FM link


It's nowhere near as good as the plus, but tons better than an itrip in my opinion.

Hi Paul,

I know what you mean, gutted! I probably would have not gone for the Cabasse unit had I known that at the time. My last car was well modded but for my Megane I wanted it to be totally standard hence opting for the stereo upgrade...........oh well, best laid plans and all that!

Renault have pulled a fast one with the cabasse unit. I hear that soon all the renault radios will be going like it.
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