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Hi all,

I've had my steering wheel make a ticking noise whenever I was turning to the right and after a couple of weeks the Airbag light came on whenever I was turning the wheel to the right and it turned off when the wheel turned to the left. After a few hours the light stayed on indefinitely.

I've come around to fixing it and I've replaced the whole stalk system and the airbags 3 times. So I tried one whole stalk system with 3 different airbags, and each airbag had 3 different stalk systems attached. All this and the same codes are still coming up. I tried unplugging the connector under both the driver and the passenger seat, cleaned the connections and plugged them back in but still no difference.

Whenever my mechanic tries to reset the codes, they keep coming back. Any idea what this could be ? As I find it very difficult to believe that all 3 airbags and all 3 stalk systems are defective..
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