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diffo between 18" and 19" wheels ?

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ok so ive seen that awesome looking inferno 225 with 19`s on and although ive always been a fan of small wheels for crisp turn in but the 19" wider rubber may have other advantages.

seen as the 225 already rides on 18" wheels/tyres will it affect handling majourly if i go up another " ? ive seen a few cars recently with 19`s on and i have to say they seem to fill the flared arches perfectly.

one example..

18" lowered ..

19" lowered ..

the megane has HUGE :shock: Arches and i think 18`s lowered would also look mint but for that real OMG factor :shock: a 19" wheel on coilovers would be more appropriate..

ok,ok.. so this is way too low but if it was lifted up about 30mm it would be perfect, get to see the drilled breaks more etc..

anyways. would fitting a 19" tyre offer more grip ? you have more rubber on the road on all 4 tyres ?
it would alter sharpnes of turn in but if there light enough would you notice i mean the 225 isnt exactly a 172cup is it :lol:

apart from massive cost, what are the advantages disadvantages to running an extra " all round


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I think the aim in terms of making a car better/easier to drive its better to have smaller wheels its usually just the better looks that make the manufacturers go for bigger wheels. Wider wheels will offer more grip but you then risk tourque steer from the front. Also increasing the radius of the wheels means fitting lower profile tyres which harms the ride and probably inteferes with the gearing as well due to the increased rolling radius of the wheels. In short bigger wheels usually look great but will never help performance

I bet that orange trophy is a proper pig to drive on the road by the way!
fitting a 19" alloy would not give you any more rubber to the road, cos your not going to get a 19" alloy in the same offset as the 225 standard wheels, so there for the new wheels will try to stick out the arch more and to prevent any rubbing your going to need to fit a narrow tyre to them ie most 19" tyres are 215/35/19 or a 225/35/19, so your not getting any more tread on the road,
jonseal said:
I bet that orange trophy is a proper pig to drive on the road by the way!
100% agree and by looking at his other cars in the showroom its more of a show car than a day to day one,
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