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Digital Camcorders

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Dont know much about them, but basically i want a digital one with USB so i can download it to my PC and also have a good microphone to record my exhaust, do some have remote microphones
or do they all have good sound quality?

Whats best? mini DV, dvd?
what fromat will a mini DV one download it to the PC as? mpeg?
any help appreciated
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I've got a sony min-DV camcorder,

That can be plugged into the pc and downloaded and the sound quality is great, picture quality is good too.

(Thats with the built in microphone)

Wasn't very expensive i dont think
Cheers for the help!
been after one for a while and the exhaust recording is a good enough excuse
what format does it use on the PC? mpeg?
cheers phil
Yea matey it Mpeg,

But you can convert it once its on the pc to anything you like.

I'll get a model number later on,
Phil does your digital camera not have a movie mode if it does try that first might save u a few £££

mine does and does it well


Yeah it does mate but the audio is not that great
That one looks pretty good matey!
should be here today so i will try and get a clip of the magnex zorst!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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