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Disco Lights in the morning

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Well i've covered 1700 miles with no problems but this morning got in the car and started it. The whole dash board lit up and flashed Mode Test

Every light came on and even the speedo moved round in stages. I was doing 170 on my drive at one point. Came a bit close to my garage though.

After 10 mins and stopping the engine twice and starting again it cleared and everything was normal.

It was -1 outside so perhaps that caused the problem and when the engine warmed up a bit it was ok.

Has anyone else seen or experienced this problem
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you can do this test your self by pushing a stalk end button and the start button i think, but its nothing to worry about, never heard of it doing it on its own b4 tho, maybe you pushed a sequence of buttons that set it of with out you knowing who knows, but its nothing to worry about matey.

its a good way to check all the bulbs work on the dash tho and you can still drive the car while its doing the mode test, if you are in a hurry like :lol:
No only when i am doing 170 :wink:
Only thing I was worried about was when it was going to stop. :D :D
I take it it stops on it's own after it's finished it's tests. Did look cool though, i'll have to try it tommorow
mint didnt know that will be posing with that tomoz :lol: :lol:
push the reset trip button and it stops. well did on mine also if you push the button on the stalk it tells you different things cant remember what tho.
You can do a dashboard test on most Fords just by holding the reset trip button in. You get stuff like digital rev read out, digital speedo (interesting to see how much out the needle is) and a load of other stuff that didn't understand.

Didn't realise the Meg did it as well. Will give it a blast tonight.
fords are great to do it on , ie my transit cos it gives you a digital speedo reading,
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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