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do i keep it or get rid of it

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I have had my meg for 7 months, in that time , i have had 2 new door handles, 4 injectors, a new driver side seat cover. I now have a clunk coming from the steering column and it has developed a new alarming trick.

After parking the car up, the brake disks will oxidise so quickly that the next time i drive it the brakes wont work at all until i have pumped the brakes a few times to clear the disks. The first time it happened i completely missed the junction and ploughed straight on into the middle of the on coming traffic. I was a little perturbed.

So now i am seriously considering jacking it in for something a little more reliable. Though to be honest i can't think of another car i want to own.

What should i do ?
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i used to play around there when i was younger my mate lives just round the corner from percy park
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