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Do We Have Any Bikers?

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As the title says, are there any bikers on here?

I'm onto my 3rd now, I started off with a CB 400 SF which I had for 2 years. Then I bought a Fazer 600, I had this for 3 years, then last March I bought a new CBR 600F.

Some photo's

These were taken about an hour after I picked it up, I have since changed the screen for a Powerbronze Double Bubble in Black. I've added a hugger and a Blue Flame twin port oval exhaust. I've also done just over 5k miles and gone through a rear tyre.
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very nice! need to get some updated pics up! have you ever been to the TT races? i went pillion with my dad to the race week on his Yam YZF thundercat. has to be one of the best weeks of my life (so far ;)) nothing like seeing Douglas seafront with bike lined up as far as the eye can see!
into motor x if that counts .. best time of my life, 110 foot table top into bomb hole armthorpe cool track will get some pics up of bike......
Have had:
Honda CBR600
Kawasaki ZXR400
Honda RVF400 (NC35) - Shown below and by far my favourite. Sold it a few months ago, combination of 2 kids and too may turds on the roads these days !!!

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That's what I call a hot exhaust!!!

I thought I'd stick these up too.

This was my first big bike, a Honda CB400SF

The I got the Fazer, was a big performance jump from the Honda.

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paid and done my bike test, just spent a bit on getting the 225. Think come the summer i will get a bike.
Me too going to get a R1 racing bike to customise for shows.

Then i'll look at getting a nice big road bike for me to have a bit of fun on too!
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