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Afternoon all,

I thought I better get my finger out and sort something out for all the locals. Mark at Backdraft Motorsport in Milton Keynes has moved to a new premises in February and installed a new Hunter 4 wheel alignment system shortly after.

It's a fantastic system and really is top of the range. As a result Mark has very kindly offered to do 10 free alignments (Megane owners and forum members only).

As Mark is extremely busy this month with his Lamborghini customers racing in the 24hr in Barcelona I thought it best to push it out until the Saturday 22nd of October. If we arrive nice and early we can have a look round the Lambos while the cars are being done, ask Mark and his team any questions we might have (and put to bed some of the internet rumour mongering too) and then perhaps in the late afternoon head off out for a drive or a bite to eat.

So Backdraft Motorsport Milton Keynes

10 Avant Business Centre,
Third Avenue,
Milton Keynes,

Who's up for it? (Ill even bring the cameras and do some photos ;) )

Remember first 10 people get a free alignment.
1 - 20 of 152 Posts
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