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Exhaust cleaning

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Any of you guys got any idea on how to clean the black carbon residue off the exhaust as in the pic (see red circle area.

So far ive tried........

Normal T-cut
Metal and Chrome T-cut
Metal Brasso

Short of getting a bit of sand paper or wire wool to it which i dont think will work im a little bit stuck.
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Have you tried a tube of metal polish?

I havent tried yet but am intending on getting some (chrome polish might work also)
was going to say autoglym :D
Ive got the same problem as you Alex, ive tried those as well as a tube of metal polish. It did work a bit, but couldn't get it all off.
yeah autoglym do a good metal polish that gets the crud off
Its almost like the chrome has come off.

I might speak to the dealership about it.
I used wonder wheels on mine last week, worked a treat. :wink:
Just dont get it on your hands cos it stings like hell. Think its got acid in it!
thats the stuff i used craig, it does work a little bit, but didn't get it that clean.
I use a scourer on the exhaust tailpipes and it comes up a treat everytime :D
You might use that on your van jmie, but we love our cars :lol: :lol: :wink:
I once hired a car to drive to the South of France it was a brand new Megane and my son wanted to clean it so he did with a scourer all over it!!

I had to claim on the insurance

Needless to say he learnt how to do it properly on that very day!!!!
craigy225 said:
autosol halfords sell it try that :D
Yep thats exactly what i use :) put it on.. rub it around.. buff it off ;)

a scourer??? OUCH! your worse than ash with his jonsons baby shampoo or what ever the shite he uses is
yeah I can show you my scourer if you like :roll:
A boy cant give all his secrets away :oops:
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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