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Facelift question

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I'm new here, and just about to take the plunge and order a full fat 225 and retire my original Megane.

From the pictures I've seen of the dashboard of the facelift there seems to be a kind of cover over the radio display? Is this correct does it flip up or anything?

Does anyone have any pictures of it open?

Thanks for your help

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No not the radio itself :D

The thing in the centre of the dash above the air vents

thought that was for satnav dude :lol:
So where is the radio display then?

I should imagine it will be on the screen as well. I didn't think the uk renaultsport came with sat nav??, so the screen won't pop up, it will be like they are at the minute.
that image is for a LHD RS 225 with colour sat nav - UK cars dont have this option. I have seen an image with a colur screen popping up..

I rekon Renault UK hav messed up with pics... is there a pic in brochure?

Alex has got a load of brochures (only 100), he might be able to help, even send you some :lol: :lol:
Can't live without the screen :)

Is there anywhere to put your sunglasses?

there will be a screen - and I rekon it will be like the old one - that pic on renaultsport site is the wrong pic.
Drivers handle above the door has a pouch for them.
Excellent, sad as it may seem the display and the sunglasses holder are the two things I like best about my ye olde Megane.
Nah it's just the standard one in middle of the dash, it's irritating though when you drive a car without one and you have to look down at the stereo to see what you're doing. Sadly though it's 4.5 years old now and really needs retiring, even though it's only done 37k miles. I'm just bored of it really, and when you can get a 225 for £15k ish at it's kind of rude not to.

I presume the stereo in the 225 isn't very good?

Its not too bad. You still have the stereo display in the facelift megane. It just looks like this, except they've changed the font and display colour.

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You dont want to buy it from but from buymynewcar and get free LIFETIME membership to
You get friendly service - too :wink:
ade remember to get the free sat nav kits as all new meganes get the sony sat nav during the promotion period.
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