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FCS Club Signage

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Ideas for signs for the FCS

here is something i found.. Price.htm

would be cool to get some of these.

4 Meter tall printed sail flag - £70 + postage each...
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just doing a draft of a possible sail for us.

keep your eyes peeled
good isnt it :)

Ive mailed them asking for a template if there is one.
How much are they roughly?
see the link at the top.
:oops: oh yeah sorry matey :oops:
there's only 1 small problem with that picure alex, the cars the wrong colour :lol: :lol:

p.s it should be black like jon seal's :lol: :lol: after all without him we wouldn't be here today :D :wink: :wink:
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hey i can do black!!

Ive got a black 225 :)
looks good, I was planning to get some sort of banner done for the stand those look ideal
I spoke to this specific company today....they cant do anything for 3 weeks minimum as the guy that does it is on holiday till end of the month.

Ive asked for a template if possible.....Ill wait to hear
Alex, that looks really kool, how bout looking at a price for something like this as well
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more places do the signs than the flags.

Just so a google search for pvx banners.
thats the sort of thing I was thinking of they are about 100 quid
Cliosport has a HUGE banner/sign thing that fits together.. not sure how much they paid though, could find out for you
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