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Few at Renault Croydon

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Popped into Renault Croydon and spied about 3 Megane 225s parked up.

Two inferno's and a black one they've had on display for months. :lol:
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alex now you got your 225 fancy trying to sort out a local south east meet up for around end of march start of april, all comers are welcome of course but there are quite a few of us now in the south east area, have a we meet b4 the fcs
I'd be up for that, maybe a trip to sunny old Southend.

Would be nice to get a few together again, but a meet anywhere's cool.
ok ill have a look at a few locations for it and wen i got some where ill post it up in the meeting forum and see how it goes
Nice one Andy :wink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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