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went to a garage 5 mins away to have alook at there induction kit and they have got some new carbon fibre ones that they are designing and selling them selves and they are fooking the tits, managed to get mine booked in to have one made up for the 225 so will keep you updated on that.

any way mentioned i was getting the car re-maped the weekend and told him that i would like to get the car rolling roaded b4 and after so he said chuck it on the rollers now and ill do it for you, sweet .

well all i can say is im well happy, all the car has had done is the larger intercooler put on and the zorst back box removed.

on the second run it hit 247BHP (FW)
and 218BHP (WLS)

even the guy said from 222BHP at the flywheel standard to 247BHP with just the intercooler and zorst they are graet figures..

have booked it in for a re run next week.

lets hope pauls re-map will boost these readings right up .

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nice figs mate wish i had that i reckon i got a little less then that as i aint got the intercooler but got zorst and viper, but every car is different on the rollers.
should hit ya 300 then

well done mate :wink:

ps why your avtar massive have i missed summit :?:
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