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Hi guys purchased a black r26 on Wednesday morning and I have to say I am quite impressed so far!

Going from a tuned Renault 5 GT Turbo I thought that the pace of the r26 would be quite disappointing but that's far from the truth. The low down grunt is fantastic and in honesty I had to adjust my throttle depth to drive the car sensibly. It pulls really well and so doesn't take much to drive the car at pace.

I was able to drive the car quite a distance home and in my opinion it's a fantastic motorway cruiser especially with the cruise control feature. I had a play with my friends integra type r and was pulling in every gear which I didn't expect.

Cornering is pretty frightening too with the threw me off a bit when it kicked in going round a corner as I usually expect the car to feel like it's reaching the limits but it just kicked in hard and chucked me towards the corner! Was brilliant.

I'm unsure as to whether it has already been remapped or not as it seems quicker than expected but I'll have to go find out eventually

All in all I'm very impressed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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