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Fog Light Replacement

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Ok Guys......

My front left fog light has been smashed and i know that you cannot replace just the glass alone....its the whole fixture.

Annoying as its the first problem that ive had to pay for in the car in 1.5 years......shit is it really that long!

How on gods green earth is the run of the mill person supposed to swap the thing out?

I had a look this afternoon and there are 3 potential areas to access this from but none of these look easy in the slightest to access

1. Take the wheel arch off
2. Take the undertray off under the radiator
3. Take the whole front valance off (Bit Extreme!!!)

Anyone got any clues?
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Bumper off job i'm afraid mate! :roll:
Anything in particular i need to know if i were to take the front bumper off?

Any sensors for the air bags?

Also where do i start if i were to take the bumper off?
am afraid to say it a whole front bump off fella.
if you try and take the tray from underneath its still fixed to the front bumper, so really to make it easy just take the bump of, if you are local to me ill do it if you still need it doing mate, done mine sevral times now.
Andy im in North London...

Might find out if i can ask one of the guys at work to hook me up since i work for Renault in their head office IT department......

If not ill see how it goes. How long should i allow to do the whole job?

also what tools are needed?
bloody great hammer :lol:
Mind if i look in your van for one Jamie?? Looks the kinda van that would have one in. :p
by all means yeah the local tw*t heads look in it as well quite a lot, which is why i wont replace it!!!!

OOOh I feel better now :lol:
should take no longer than an hour and you need a 13mm socket and star drive screw driver and a pair of long nose pliers.
Ok...... might look into doing it next weekend.
I got the part coming into work this week.
when my freind done mine he didnt take the bumper off didnt take him long to do and all works fine
Oh....FYI the part number for the replacement left fog light is 8200074008

Dont know if the part is generic to both left and right sides?
This is the damage ive got to replace. Note the very dirty car!!!!

And the part.

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knowing renault no. there is almost a 99% chance there will be a left and a right.

pop it in the parts section matey
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