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This is a poem from me to you like a bubble in the breeze :eye catching and perfect in every way!!

Beauty a poem by John Masefield

John Masefield

Have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills
Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain:
I have seen the lady April bringing in the daffodils,
Bringing the springing grass and the soft warm April rain.

I have heard the song of the blossoms and the old chant of the sea,
And seen strange lands from under the arched white sails of ships;
But the loveliest things of beauty God ever has showed to me
Are her voice, and her hair, and eyes, and the dear red curve of her lips.

Jamie your admirer

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Bubbles said:
JamieMac said:
Is it working then?
What is it your trying to achieve? :)

Your'll have to get me past Ash first ;)
Yep thats right. When we get it together I'm whisking her off to a far away land for a few weeks. Treating her like a princess and destroying my bank balance. Then were buying a house, getting married and having a couple of kids........thats right isnt it bab?
1 - 20 of 58 Posts
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