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FORTE Air Conditioning Treatment

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Ive managed to speak with the chap selling this stuff and he has kindly given us a discount. The price to Meganesport members is £5.25, plus £1.45 P&P.

The price for this stuff at renault is £15 plus.

Please email or pm me before you purchase it as we have a code word which you need to give on payment to be able to get the discount. I will send you an email with instructions on what you need to do.

Here is a link to the item product on Ebay.

Please do not post the code word on the site or pass it on to other members as this will stop the discount. This is audited between myself and the seller.

Ive used it and it does work. This is the stuff Renault use !!!! Instructions on how to use it are not on the tin, so here's what webcode has told me.

Switch on your air con and turn the fans up full. Switch the circulation to just inside the car - (Recirculation button). Push to button on the tin down and place it on your handbrake and leave the car. Leave it running for about 15 minutes and then, its done !!!!!
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can you pm me the info dave? cheers
What does it actually do to your air con Dave :roll:

how often should it be used :?:
Hi mate, it should be used every six months. It basically kills the bacteria within your air con pipes, thus getting rid of the smell.
Arrrh it all makes sense :)

I'll PM you then for the relevant info

Cheers Dave
do you know of any renault dealer that uses this?
can you pm me the info plz m8? cheers
I've used it before - it also looks cool from the outside when it's happening :)
It also does a good jo of deodourising the interior. I used some yesterday on the Scenic to remove dog and *** smells after cleaning the interior.
obviously the guy no longer sells it, must try some at some point
Leave it with me, ill see if i can get another supplier
I'll see what i can do on this. We have a supplier for this stuff

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