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Please try and post topics in the relevant forum and where possible to keep threads on topic.

If posting something that may be offensive or maybe not appropriate for people using work computers please indicate in the thread title (NWS) for not work safe for example

Please try to uphold and maintain the easy going vibe we are lucky to have on the board. While discussion and debate are encouraged personal comments or attacks, intimidation or deliberate attempts to offend will not be tolerated at all either on the board or via PM

Advertising - Commercial advertising is NOT allowed on the forums. We have a loyal group of companies that pay good money to sponsor the site and I am implementing a zero tollerence rule on advertising products on the forums. Its simply not fair on the established businesses that pay for advertising for other people to just abuse the forum by using it as a business opportunity. If you have a product or business to advertise you can pay for an ad on the main site. This is the only way you will be allowed to sell products on this website. Circumventing the above rules by using PMs to contact members directly will also result in a ban for the spammer.

Registering multiple user names or allowing other people to use your login will result in a ban of negotiable length.

Using multiple registrations to circumvent a ban or assisting someone else to do so will also result in a ban.

Any member receiving a ban from the forum has forfeited their right to a refund of membership fees by breaking the forum rules in the first place. No membership fee refunds will be issued in this circumstance.

No spam! Obviously blatant spamming of the boards is annoying for everyone, such posts will just be deleted

Other than that have fun! :)
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Not open for further replies.