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French car show stickers - design ideas?

8768 Views 137 Replies 12 Participants Last post by  timmins_megane have offered to pay for us some stickers making up for FCS. Basically something along the lines of meganesport at FCS 2006, obviously getting in there somewhere too!

So over to you photoshoppers and designers! Bearing in mind we'll be getting the stickers done by a graphics shop so screen printed type stickers might be a bit complicated so solid colours would be better
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RS-Tuning said:
What sort of size we talking mate?

Hi Paul, Big enough so that the car travelling behind can read it.


Davelee225 said:
cover the back windscreen then :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:
Need some designs before we can look at size :)
andy bassett said:
wat are the colours to you company ad
Andy - our co. colours are green and purple :-(
Not sure if they will be seen that well on a sticker tho...

andy bassett said:
shiny do your thang matey
I think he is busy trying to get his Punto sold m8
if someone give me an idea of what design you want and what size and what colours i'll see what i can do for the design.
G said:
if someone give me an idea of what design you want and what size and what colours i'll see what i can do for the design.
Adam, just got for it m8, let the artistic side in you go!!!!

Just remeber I think it needs to be kept fairly simple design and not too many colours. It needs to go accross the top o rear screen .
So we need to incorporate buymynewcar and

Are we having it screen printed or just die cut vinyl? if so we can have nothing flashy just single blocks of colour.
Also can you let me know the font of megane and also the sport...

what font do you use ade?
Right just a quick rough one.

I used silver vinyl lettering as this stands out well and will go with all colour cars.

Buymynewcar in the same colouring as their logo.

Simple vinyl lettering so it can be easily applied and also cheap and quick to make up.

Let me know if you like it, any other ideas let me know too
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With the Alba font.

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That'll be 100 quid plus vat design charge oh yea i'll add the link on the bottom too :lol: :lol:
Another option:

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