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Garmin c310

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Hi guys,

I got a Garmin C310 for the megane. I thinks it really sweet and havethe speed camera database uploaded on. One really anoying thing is the power cable that you cant disconect from the windscreen mount to hide away. Its so annoying cause the unit has a battery life of 8 hours!

I have so far hidden the cable with matt blask masking tape which did a reasonable job but it still looks untidy. Is there any other way of routing the cable across the dash and into the lighter connection that would get aroung the bloody tape!? The unit is in the bottom right of the windscreen by the way.

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Can you not run the wire from the cig lighter under the dash with some cable ties to existing wires then pull the door rubbers off and run it behind them then push em' back on and then your wire will be where you want it and all tidy?!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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