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Getting all the faults sorted...

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Took my car to the dealers yesterday to get my drivers window fixed as it made a loud crunching noise a few weeks back and now it slams down to the bottom . So they ask if there is anything else that needs doing so i say well yes the Subframe bolts want tightening and the toxic fume light keeps coming on and my seat looks a mess on the cloth bit ..

Rang me today saying they have fixed the window needed a new part ...
They have ordered a coil as the car has a misfire :shock:
Subframe bolts no mention but they will have a look .. :?
They have ordered a new cover for the seat :D Result ...Glad i mentioned it now ...
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Alot of us have coil problems!!!

saying that what i thought was a coil problem turned out to be a f00ked injector....thats due in tomorrow. They replaced the seat base for me aswell :)
You get some good dealers and some bad ones. Take it this is a good one
Sunwin Renault Preston mate i think they are a bit short of work at the moment as they could not do enough for me and they kept asking if there was anything else wrong ....That is where is was sat in the new F1 ...
Anything else you can think of that needs changing on your car then :lol: :lol: :lol:
Don't think i can blag new drilled discs , cup springs and trophy wheels but it would be nice ... :lol: :lol:
Well if you don't ask you don't get ...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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