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I'm off to Hayward and Scott tomorrow to get my custom designed exhausts done.

Should look blimmin mental once its done!!!

Next job after that is tv screens all round it, lowered and fibre glass like you've never seen!!

Also then off to be airbrushed in the HR Geiger style.

I'll get some pictures taken of what it comes out like, should look pretty cool!! 8)

Just a few pics of it so far...

Love a gadget! :p

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:p :p :p :p

Now what a job!

Have a listen to these babies!!! :shock: :shock:

They sound like a cross between a subaru and a hot rod! :lol:

They've also released a hell of a lot of power!!!

Here's a set of video clips below, i'll get some more up as soon as possible with some drive by's and heavy revvin' :wink:

Broadband/Faster Internet Connection:

Dial Up/Slower Internet Connection: dial up.wmv

Here's some pictures also:

What do you think?

Next job is alloys and fibre glass! LOTS OF IT! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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