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Goodridge Brake Hoses for 225...

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Does anyone know if you can get these for the 225 and if so has anyone fitted them ...
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Thread resurrection!

Going to be replacing lines and fluid, any one have any tips/tricks ?

They do a kit. demontweeks lists it in their catalogue.
Ive just got a set of HEL lines ill be fitting in the next week or so, some tips would be grand !

Ive changed lines before but never on a set of 4-Pots !!
HEL lines are mint, got them on mine. Didn't fit them myself, but just so you know both rears are just past the rear beam on the drivers side :)
anyone know if it is best to do the lines first or drain fluid, then change lines and top up with the new brake fluid?
would draining all the fluid upset the ABS at all?

from what i can see from the original lines, it doesnt look too difficult, unbolt then screw in new set up??
Its a piece of piss to do im just unsure how to bleed the 4 Pots as theres two nipple im led to belive so what do i do first or does it matter ??

Fluch the system with new fluid once youve installed your new lines best way to do as getting air into the ABS is a bad thing !! and a ****emare to get out !
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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