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Hello all,

Just bumped in to this site and coulden't resist registering, especcially after seeing the re-map to 268 HP :eek:

I have run my car for about 70.000 KM around Europe and have had ZERO problems with it. The list of mods is endlessly and still increasing.

Most likely you will all know my car as it has been featered in no less than 22 magazine's (12 full covers) all around the world including South Africa and Canada. Also has been on many national TV channels.

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craigy225 said:
looks the same as mine except you have the doors and lights and wheels.

looke really good but think you spoilt the inside a bit with all the orange but other then that looks well sweet :D
You probably have the only one equiped with both EVO 1 and EVO 2 body parts driving around in UK. Up till now we have only sold 18 full kits worldwide for the 225. Hope you are happy with the kit.

In fact this kit was never meant to be commercialised, I have designed it for my personal use in my spare time (normally I design these "fast and furious" kits :roll: )

You will notice the effect from the rear diffusor on the rear tire wear, that is if you drive it at high speeds (from 100 mph) I drive my car very often on German highways and the rear tires are worn out faster than the fronts (about 5000 miles sooner)
When driving in the rain the aorodynamic effect comes higly visible under the form of a starit horizontal strait water curtain coming from the diffusor.

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Bozz's Car


Your car looks mad..... As standard, the Megane 225 has quite an aggresive look with a suttle body kit. Yours is far from that, but still keeps its character. Nice one !!!!

Have you also done alot of modification under the bonnet????

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hi bozz yes very pleased with the kit only 18 sold and for me the only one in uk wow ya car looks wicked on the outside and like the boot build just some of the interior is a bit nasty love the lights could be next for me
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