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Guess whats in the car park today

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Well i cant show you till tonight when i get home but there is a new shape renaultsport 225 in the F1 colour.

Looks really nice actually but i dont like the colour myself...lil too light for me. However.. its for full black leather recaro seats in the front.

Also noticed that the rear lights arent flush. they have a small area that sticks out a little bit....still like the lights though :)

Im gonna try and get a proper look at it if i can find out who has the keys :p
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knowing renault they will have cheapend the revised version and skimped on little touches as they know there not gonna sell loads and at the price they want. they did it with the 182MKII over the 172MKII, changed for a bit more style but actually took away some nice touches and made a few things cheaper to save money

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get some good pics alex,

personly dont like the new shape but would love to see the new rear lights and the black recaros :D
OK here we are.........DRUM ROLL

And yeah i do like the seats.....apparently they feel the same as the full leather ones i have :)
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i want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want those seats.......... :lol:
£900 option m8.

Do you have full leather at the moment?
Alex said:
£900 option m8.

Do you have full leather at the moment?
nah, ive got a cup. so only half leather (saves weight) :lol:
ahhhh...this is the full leather. Not too much difference between the recaros and these.

Another thing you will notice if and when you sit in a full leather megane is that the seats are alot more firmer than the half leather ones!!!
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i found the full leather didn't grip my sides as well when i tried a demo out, felt like the seats in the old 1'4 dynamique were a closer fit too!!

cant complain about the half leather, seats really grip my sides when driving.
I didnt think they were out yet
Released today m8

this was taken at work (renault head office)
just realised that the recaro seats are gonna make it impossible to reach the seatbelts on the 3 door
I knew thet were out soon but I thought around april time. Are these the orders that were placed a while ago
The one the pics is of is a press car though i thought all cars ordered for delivery after today could be the facelifted one

certainly the factory isnt making phase 1 cars anymore.

Thats my baby,

Going for that colour too i think....
like the lights, will they fit ours and seats are cool not sure on colour ... :roll:
So the colour shown is DEFO ULTRA BLUE and not ALBI BLUE.Just ordering my car with and need to be sure that i'am ordering the right colour.Thanks
Jono said:
So the colour shown is DEFO ULTRA BLUE and not ALBI BLUE.Just ordering my car with and need to be sure that i'am ordering the right colour.Thanks
Jon - have you read the 2006 press release about the f1 and phase II 225's?

its on the original thread that you started halfway down

more pics here of F1 in Ultra Blue

New Mégane Renaultsport 225 ‘Renault F1 Team’ special edition

Giving the New Mégane 2006 even more impact is the launch of a new special edition, Mégane Renaultsport 225 Renault F1 Team, to celebrate Renault’s 2005 Constructors’ and Fernando Alonso’s Drivers’ Formula 1 World Championship titles.

Based on the Mégane Renaultsport 225 Cup - and therefore three-door Sport Hatch - the eye-catching newcomer offers a powerful combination of track-proven technology and £1,450 worth of equipment for only £900 more than the Cup, at a price of £19,500.

In addition to the standard specification of the ‘Cup’ version, the latest hot hatch from Renault’s performance division gains: 60W CD/MP3 RDS radio, climate control, new "black-gloss" 18" spoked lightweight alloys with matching door mirrors and blue/black Recaro front sports seats and blue detailing on the steering wheel and gearshift gaiter. Standard equipment on the ‘Cup’ includes: Cup Chassis (includes Brembo front brakes, disconnectable ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), uprated dampers and springs and shock absorbers to reinforce the sensation of rigidity and augment cornering ability), plus cruise control with speed limiter, exclusive Dunlop SportMaxx tyres and trip computer.

As you would expect when it comes to the glamorous world of Formula 1, the new special edition certainly isn’t lacking in image or exclusivity, boasting ‘Ultra Blue’ paintwork, a numbered plaque at the base of the centre console, plus unique Renault F1 Team decals and badging on the front wings and front and rear bumpers. The production level is not limited to a specific number.
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