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Handsfree Door Handles

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Just a quick heads up on how many people have had problems with the handsfree system.

I've got an 04, 225 and had to have the drivers door handle replaced about 6 months ago due to the locking button becoming faulty and just had the passenger side done cause that went the same way.

When I was at the dealership enquired as to how much a replacement handle costs and was told approx 100notes.

Starting to get a little concerned as the warranty is now into its last yr.

Any other problems experienced?
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Soz guys just come across the previous thread on door handles.
I've got an 05 and just had two handles replaced. I think this is quite common from what other people have been posting.
Yes it is very common unfortunately, due to water ingress.. The infrared sensors in the door panel are also prone to water penetration..

Of course when the vehicle is out of warranty then I don't think many people will have the handles replaced at £108 + vat!! each :shock:
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