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Headlight bulb changing guide

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As i've just spent 2 hours changing my headlight bulbs, I thought i'd give you guys a helpful guide.

1. Jack up car and remove wheel.
2. Remove wheelarch access panel that needs to be 6 inches higher up.
3. Find a 10 year old boy/girl, if none can be found see step 4
4. Cut your hands and arms to f#*$
5. Swear. :twisted:
6. Swear again. :twisted: :twisted:
7. Sack it off and go the pub. :roll:
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Ive followed those steps before, although repeated step 6 another 3 times. :lol: :lol:
was hard to do, but i managed to do it without taking of wheels and i have large hands :wink:
225karl said:
was hard to do, but i managed to do it without taking of wheels and i have large hands :wink:
You can come and do mine if you like :lol: :lol:
yes but what i didnt tell you that i bought these lights from a shope as he said they are a ****** blue light so swapped one and guess what they were the bloody same so i had to swap the other just for the hell of it :oops:
easiest way to do the headlights is to jack the car up, take the wheel off and remove the whole arch liner, you can see what your doing then rather than groping round in that little access slot

See my earlier posts guys and gals. Go in from the top it is much much easier. Take off the plastic panels, loosen the top bumper mounts (13mm bolt at the wing) and even a rugby prop's hands will get in.

Chris, Full fat with glass roof.
I have just done mine and what a bitch!!! I think finding Bin Laden would have been easier!

Had to jack the front end up and remove both of the front wheels so that I could get my arms in the access panels. I also removed the plastic covering from the engine bay so that I could see a little of what I was actually doing.

Removing lights I did not find that tricky but took it nice and slow to make sure I did not drop anything in the engine bay! It really helped having another pair of hands (the dad in law) to guide and generally hold stuff in place etc etc.

All in all it took 2 1/2 hours but the finished product (50% extra light and a slight blue tinge) was well worth it. Oh yer, and I did not have to pay Renault the £190 + VAT that they wanted to charge me for doing it :p
How can renault make such a simple job so fookin hard? Modern ford's you just pull 2 pins out from behind the headlamp and lift the whole light unit out! 2 min job.

Renault design: -10 points.
even that took me about an hour to work out on my father in laws car :lol: and i can practicly re build mine :lol: :lol:
Andy, if you remove the front bumper, does it go back in the same position, as if i remember jamies has dropped a bit.
if jamies has dropped its prob due to the monkeys that put it back, iv taken my new one of twice noa and its gone back fine.
Might do mine then, was a bit worried after looking at jamies at the south meet.
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