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Hello guys. The other morning at around 5:20am, men wearing crash helmets got my 19 plate RS280 open. Luckily, the steering lock honks the horn and is a bugger to get off - they tried twice, but the sound of the horn was obviously too much for them. I have since put my key in a metal tub and added some pants to the steering lock to make it more likely to honk the horn. Any ideas? It all happened really quickly and I don’t know what to do for the best. A part of me thinks leave the lock off, leave the keys by the front door and let them come back and do their worst without bothering us, however, are they likely to come back? Would they break in the house? It’s a nice car but surely there are more RS’s (especially 300s) that they would prefer to steal. Perhaps they can’t tell the difference or perhaps they just wanted to steal anything. Also shocking that it was almost daylight. Any experiences or advice you could give me would be much appreciated.
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