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hello every one new here - with megan trophy rs 2021 - got servel sound issues i have to solve - and must your help for this

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first of all - its great to be here , hope to learn and to donate to the forum as much as i can.
btw my name is - idan and im 40 years old.

ok now - for the questions if you may

1. when i start driving exhaust system is working just fine - popping and cracking sound great - but after a 5-10 minutes driver (sport drive usualy) - the sound dissapear totally - i mean exhaust is doing the sound , but , no more poping \ cracking - , only when i let it cool a little - its coming back but not as same as engine cold , and again after short drive - gone totally.

2. when i press the gas paddle - the turbo throttle sound's very very loud -metalic rattle noise - which as i press throttle paddle more - its louder - i notice that when press throttle paddle all way down - in high rpm the sound dissapear , but when shift is being made , its back on (the rattle noise ) and go high rpm - gone and so on ....

3. when i leave my lef from the throttle paddle in 4-5K rpm - as if i was leg off throttle pad , leg back on it for 1-2 sec's and leaving it again - there is like a mechanic sound (dunno if its from the air Intake maybe) or is it from the clutch , some thing is wierd ,

4. and last one :) - my fron break's are brand new and i forgot the firm - but its RS certify - and are squeaking -
i did phases , put special oil - and still its noisy - nothing helped - some one told me this could be because of the material they are made of - is doing it and no way to solve this unless i change diffrent type \ original .

hope you can help me out here - thank you all and good week
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