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Hello folks finally got my log in.

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Hi guys just thought i'd say hello. Been reading the forums for some time now but had difficulty getting log in, but sorted now thanks to Jon.

I run a new (5 months old) Megane 225 3 door with the cup kit. Just fitted a KTR dump valve last weds and today I fitted the Blueflame zorst from Nige at blueflame giving me about another 25bhp. Strewth it sounds ace and looks the business, the extra power is also noticeable. Gonna fit the KTR induction kit and oil cooler in the next few weeks, then the chip upgrade that Dave from KTR has developed. Hope to see around the 300bhp mark with all these mods but will rollin road it and keep you posted. Crazy I know considering I used to be a driving instructor with Advanced Driving Diploma in instruction and police instructor quals!!!!
Always loved me speed though was British Rallycross driver until bout 4 years ago.

Will take some photo's of the car at weekend weather and work permiting and post on site.

Look forward to reading your posts and receiving any tips. Thanks Phill
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welcome along matey, another 300bhp wanna be like me :D

and did you mean intercooler rather than oil coller ?

im running 250bhp now but sadly mine cannot be mapped at the mo as no one has tested a working remap on a euro 4 engine, last time someone did BANG :cry:
yeah sorry m8, i meant intercooler, got a little carried away. I see sum people think the mods are not a good idea. Can the engine/transmission handle 300bhp. Also see some people say about reliability, mines never missed a beat appart from the rear wiper sometimes stops working, anyone else had same problem? Garage wont look at it as it is intermitent fault!!!!! Cheers in advance PJ
The rear wiper is a common fault mate. Ive just lived with it.

There are a few problems with the megane, although its nothing that can't be sorted under warranty, untill it runs out of course !!!!

Touch wood ive had no major problems.
How you doing matey?!

Welcome to the site! :wink:
Welcom mate, the wiper is a common one, as for the transmission and 300bhp, you will probably be the first to find out!!
Welcome along, I think the reference to all the BADABING BADA BOOM and Bang Boom are just because Andy's car went for the re-map and the euro 4 engine has a different ECU which the RS tuning re-map didn't like. So far no problems with any car that has successfully had the re-map.

I don't know if anyone has cracked the euro 4 ECU yet so worth checking this with KTR first.
Davelee225 said:
Adam, how come your not a member?

Thought it'd look bloody stupid with a megane sport sticker on a punto at the minute!! :lol: :lol:
Dude whats the score with your warranty with all these mods? :lol:
Not a problem really, can't say anything bout exhaust cos I believe Renault do one, removing dump valve and return to normal takes bout 10-15 mins. They probably wouldn't notice the uprated intercooler, induction kit easily put back to standard and remap they can't actually see it!!!!!

Or maybe I'm talkin pants and the warranty will be invalid, oh well!!!!!!! Hopefully will never have to find out.

Cheers Phill
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