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How can i make the last couple of weeks pass quickly while i wait for the imminant wait for my 225 :cry: .To make matters worse i have sold my current car and am now running round in a "97" reg polom saloon :x .Any help comments or anecdotes wouldbe a great help. :D
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buyt a cheap car for £100 and batter the shit out of it
Need the Meg to come quickly to.In my area i haven't seen a single face lifted 225 so would love to be the first and for everyone else to say "What the fuck was that just blew past" Ha Ha :evil:
i have been waiting 6weeks first thay orderd the wrong car ! :x :x witch was due on the 21stmarch then thay got the order rite it was then due on the 31stmarch thay rang me friday and told me its going to be this friday :x :x it best turn up!!! its hell waiting :( :(
your luck mate, i had to wait almost 3 months for mine, but then i was selling my 225 for another one so it was not so bad.
i had the full fat 225 witch i have p/x for my new 225 but i gave it them 6weeks ago. but when i first orded the full fat 225 i had to wait 3months and i didnt have a car to get round in :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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