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where dose blue pipe on ssqv valve go to
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there is a pic on here matey iv bin trying to find it, it goes in the same place as a boost gauge would go.
Mate if your still stuck i have some more pics
done it only problem my mate has lent against the air pipe which is connected to throttle body and snapped it in two, so had to take valve off and make sure i got the bit which was stuck in throttle body so now it needs replacing anybody know part number,
and thanks for the info lads great help,
sounds bloody mint.... :D
theres a guide on the main site for the ktek one that also applies to the SSQV

I've made a sticky of the guide in this forum now for future reference
the part i have broke is the plastic insert on the throttle body bottom left of pic and thanks for the info jon
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225karl said:
where dose blue pipe on ssqv valve go to
it took me a while to figure it on on my valve
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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