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Heya all. new to the site but old to the 225

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Hey all,

Well first post about myself.
Whats there to say.......

About me....... Im 25 live in North London, work for RUK in their head office in a department that has nothing to do with the cars....... YAWN im the IT man.

Had my RS Meggy since july 2004...... 3 door full fat one + lux pack and cliamate control......Black Gold.

So yeah.....thats me.
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Welcome along mate!

Hope you have fun on the site! :wink:
Welcome along :D

gonna be a couple of meets coming up in south east area if your up for that sort of stuff, none of us are stalkers or anything only Jamiemac.

Didn't someone tell Bubbles that :lol:
welcome along fella, another person quite local, keep them coming :lol: was either the black or silver. No way on earth could i have the orange stitching in the car either.

Black gold is the best colour imo......the orange just shouts at the police......CHASE ME.....

Saying that....the orange isnt as bad as that lime green v6 clio they did.

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a almost got one of them till i could not insure it for under £1800,
Acid yellow.... im not a fan of that colour either.. I have a liquid yellow 182 :)

Welcome to the club :)

Im indesisive about black... and whether i like it or not. I washed my mums Audi A4 yesterday... i couldnt tell where id washed when it was wet (but im anal and wash every panel twice.. so i knew it wouldnt miss anything) but... when i dried it, i loved it.. like glass :)
Nice one bubbles! :p
here were the options

1. Black Gold
2. Silver
3. Inferno
4. Light Blue
5. Dark Blue (Discontinued)

The blues were outta the question as i deffinatly didnt want a blue car
Inferno was too loud.......we had loads of them at work as all the field users that could get them got that colour and i didnt like it at all.

The Silver i liked simply as it had a nice deep silver to it and the pearlescent shade was a tint of blue. Only problem was that there wasnt a car in that colour at the time i ordered + there wasnt a colour sample available in the marketing department.........i even asked the brand manager at the time but they couldnt source it. Not even a single dealership paint sample block was available. So i was left with the option of Black Gold.

I went and saw a car and i loved it.....saw it on a clio 182 at renault colindale aswell and it looked the nuts. Luckily i baught my car in may 2004 and it was sunny out. Was awsome to see the gold tint in the black.

I dont regret it in the slightest......word of warning though.....never use one of those automated petrol station car washes......i dont trust them. I might treat mine to a valet and wax in the next few weeks. Lets get rid of the salt on the roads first :p
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maguiers or how ever you spell it, love that stuff real good and deep shine to it,, east to put on and take of

Andy. By chance did you ever have a Light blue 225 with silver fog lights?

only reason i ask is i remember seeing a 225 with a plate similar to yours on the way to the F1 GP last year @ silverstone. probs bud.

I was in the renault stand...was a good day out.
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