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Hi another newbie here

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Hi guys i'm looking at getting a meg in next couple of months
have been reading the posts and am trying not to be put off by the
reliability problems!

There are some good ones out there aren't there :?:

I'd be looking at probably an 04 or 05 model with cup pack,
i'd love a trophy but there pricey.

Enjoyed the site so far,lots of good info :)
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ello matey welcome along,

you can buy a new one for around £14500 from as an idea or an 04-54 one for around £13-£14k from a dealer which is way to much,look out for them private

have a good look round,

where bout you located to,
Welcome along matey!

welcome mate. Secondhand prices are well low so go for the spec you really want. Remember £15k gets a new one so dont get robbed.
Thanks for the advice,looking about on the net you can get a brand new
225 cup for 14k,uk car too! seems too good to be true.
I'm in the northants area by the way.
Not spotted you yet mate but i'll look and listen out for you! :D
I'm in Northampton at the moment but moving to near Kettering
area soon.
Tony, you'll have to keep an eye out for me. I live in hunsbury area. Let me know if you wana look at my meggy anytime.
Thanks i'll keep an eye out for you,if u see a white clio dci van flash its lights thats me :) thats my work vehicle by the way!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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