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hi everybody

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im currently a member of cliosport owning a clio 182 cup.have recently been thinking of buying a 225 cup.ive seen them for sale on for 13999 .does anyone know if it is the 05 model or new new 06 model.seen some pictures of both and have to say i like the 05 the best .love the capiscum red colour and interior.not to keen on the 06 interior as it has the blue lining.look forward to posting more a getting involved with the club.cheers... :D
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Dont sell the 182 :( there better than these megans ;)
welcome to the club m8, the buymynewcar ones are all brand new so they will be the phase 2. Phase 1 cups will probably be the rarest 225 as they were only made for a coulpe of months before the phase 2 was launched!
Welcome aboard m8. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome along mate
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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