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Hi everyone, From Costa Rica

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I just got my 225 from the renault dealer and the color is black. I think the car is great and performs well for the $$$ paid. Lots of potential. Great brakes and smooth engine, although it would be nicer with a more broad powerband up to 7000rpm's. Will upgrade with full suspension and ECU, exhaust and intake.
I have been in Racing for the last 15 years and now i have a well prepared Clio II with the sadev dogbox and ohlins suspension and use it only for track racing.
check for Costa Rican motorsports and our FIA approved track!
Is it posible to upload pics in this forum??
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hi fella,

glad to see the club is reaching further and further everyday, you can add pictures into the picture/video forum and there is all the info on how to do it in there too.

Hello mate welcome to the nut house :roll:
Welcome to the site mate! :p
Hi there sexy Lazaro i have always wondered what it would be like to meet a big strong south american please pm so we can meet . you wouldnt take advantage of a lady would you :wink:

Thats the next place on my hit list Costa Rica, looks awesome. Welcome you lucky git :D
welcome along fella,

And that goes for you to Emily :lol:
Welcome, as you can see this is a bit of a mad house, but we all agree: the 225 rules :lol:
Hi everyone!!
Tks for the warm welcome.
Will post pics tomorrow.
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