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been hiding in the back ground for a while, infact a long while, but joined up to see abit more of the forum and see if there are any answers that I didn't know

bit about me and the car......

04 plate FF in inferno. I saw the car arrive at the dealership as I worked there! my friend pdi'd it, my boss has it as a demo for 3 weeks, and then my wife bought it! 18months ago we had to put it FINALLY into my name (as I have been paying for it!) as she got a company car!

So, yeah.... 52k from New..... got all the free-bies I could, rubber mats to protect the orange piped mates (that haven't seen day light EVER!) rubber moulded boot liner, coat net under the parcel shelf, ipod kit (although I need to sort that out as there's a new radio station on its setting!, oh....... and it has a towbar thats removable! (thank god but its still fun overtaking people with the boat on the back!), plus i have all the paper work and dealer promo cd's/dvd's that should of stayed in the bin ;)

the original conti tyes lasted 8k! its had 2 sets of goodyears, a set of Avons, but now its on michenlin's and its made a huge difference! just shows you get what u pay for with tyres.

its stil as it came out of the factory, far for a few little stone marks!

its currently parked up as it has hub swivel bearing failure, but its off to the local renault specialist to get that sorted!

keep thinking I should get rid and move on, but its part of the family really and last time I thought about selling it was a pain with people trying to tell me about a car I've know from new, "mate it shouldn't have orange seat belts" and "mate where's the sat nav" and "mate what boost does it run" LOL

I've been abit sat over the years with my renaults' I've had all the 'classics' from Gtturbo's to 21 quadra's and 2 yes 2 turbo 2's both running well over 300hp! and a v6 clio, but the megane has out lasted them all as.

It was the only 225 at the first world series at donnington, and usually once a year gets to return home to france for a 'short blast' on the autoroute! infact..... I still have a reciept from Renault Paris for fitting wiper blades when one flew off on the A1 into paris! LOL

the welsh wizard
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